• March 29th 2015 – UK Meet Blog: about what would I call my autobiography, and how has my writing journey been.

  • November 16th 2014 – Bookwinked: about re-releases, writing, and more.
  • August 28th 2014 – The Way She Writes: How I make a mess of English and Nederlands, aka, talking about being linguistically challenged.
  • February 28th – Read the Rainbow: about my favourite candy, the first book I remember reading, and inspirational music.
  • January 3rd – Queer Town Abby: about sightseeing in the Netherlands and why I write GLBTQ fiction.


  • December 19th – Chaos in the Moonlight blog: about squicks, quirks and our shared love for Christian Kane.
  • November 16th – Kay Berrisford: talking about forests, magic, and faeries.
  • September 17th – Just Write and SO Gay: Behind the Camera, an mmmMMMonday interview.
  • January 20th – Reviews at Ebook Addict: talking about wanting to be McGyver’s niece, what’s under my bed and Snape
  • January 9th – Bookwenches: talking about writing, family and favourite authors
  • January 7th – It’s Raining Men: talking about the film Beautiful Thing, fantasy and having my characters go commando

  • December 30th – Top 2 Bottom Reviews: talking about what inspired me to write gay romance and my favourite character from my own works
  • December 28th – Romance Lives Forever: talking about how I got my guy, I am what I am and being afraid of dogs
  • December 23rd – Bibrary Book Lust: talking about being a pantser and wanting to sing a duet with Gareth David-Lloyd