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Autism Awareness Blog Hop

Autism Fact: Five times as many males as females are diagnosed with autism. Read more about gender and autism Our Difference is Our Strength. I’ve been saying it for years now, and every year I become more aware that those

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Autism Awareness Blog Hop and Giveaway

This is my contribution to RJ Scott’s annual Autism Awareness Blog Hop. Facts about Autism: — Autism is NOT a disease. — Comorbid conditions often associated with autism include Fragile X, allergies, asthma, epilepsy, bowel disease, gastrointestinal/digestive disorders, persistent viral

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Happy Holidays and a Rockin’ 2017 to All :)

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Blaine Singing I’ll Be

Every now and then (luckily far and few between), my singing teacher secretly records my singing. On the risk of completely humiliating myself, some of you requested me to post the latest secret recording, dating August 10th. So… here I

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What Blaine’s Singing – 2015/wk7

Often the first thing my singing teacher and I do is try to get me OUT of my mind and INto my body. This time, not so much. I’ve been plotting all day, you see, so, the last thing I

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What Blaine’s Singing – 2015/wk5

Been a while since I’ve done one of these updates. But since my singing lessons are often linked to my writing/creativeness and/or take me out of my brain for a bit, I thought I might as well start these up

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Anniversary Giveaway Competition 2013

Saturday, my husband and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary by escaping our boys–and dog–and spending two nights in a hotel in Wuppertal, Germany. We took a bus tour, sat in the floating train, walked our arses off, had dinner at

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It’s that time again…

to post a monthly update… err… What can I say? Time flies… Anyway, it’s May, and, finally, Winter seems to have understood it was time for him to hibernate. I hope Spring will make way for Summer in a more

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Skipping January – an Update

2013 was going to rock, I said at the beginning of this year. Well, January, not so much. It was the month of being tired, having a cold, having a fever, and being just very, very tired. So, not much

Blaine’s MonChou Cake (picture heavy)

I’ve been tweeting about this cake today and a couple of weeks ago when Youngest celebrated his 18th Birthday. It’s hard to explain what it is, when half the ingredients turn out to be typically Dutch (well… maybe Belgian and

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