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Anniversary Giveaway Competition 2013

Saturday, my husband and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary by escaping our boys–and dog–and spending two nights in a hotel in Wuppertal, Germany. We took a bus tour, sat in the floating train, walked our arses off, had dinner at

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Rainbow Awards 2012

Hubby, Eldest and I were out of town, staying with friends while Youngest wrecked the house–not really, tho he’s still cleaning up right now–having his own party. So, right before going to sleep, I decided to check my email one

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Catching up with Blaine – Summer Holiday 2012

I’ve been more or less absent during the Summer Holidays, partly because I took a couple of weeks off so hubby and I could get busy on our ‘Spring Cleaning’ project and to go camping, and partly because of editing,

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Aliens, Smith and Jones Blog Tour

Tomorrow (well, technically, later today) I’ll be running all over Blog City for my Aliens, Smith and Jones Blogtour. I’ll be chatting about a number of different subjects, and you’re all welcome to join me. My itinerary: Monday, July 23rd:

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Hop Against Homophobia

A couple of years ago I was talking to an acquaintance, telling her all about my friends staying the weekend, when she suddenly asked if they are gay. I nodded, though I was sure I’d told her about them before.

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