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It’s that time again…

to post a monthly update… err… What can I say? Time flies… Anyway, it’s May, and, finally, Winter seems to have understood it was time for him to hibernate. I hope Spring will make way for Summer in a more

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What’s Blaine Singing – wk 49

I just realised I haven’t blogged about singing lessons for the past… err… month. I did sing, even if I can’t remember which songs I sang–have a bad memory, I do–of course I sang. When do I not? Would be

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What’s Blaine Singing – wk 44

I’m in the zone 😀 From the first breathing exercise to doing scales to singing my songs, I was there, was having fun, and was rocking it! I have no idea how I got there, or what I need to

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What’s Blaine Singing – wk 43

Because my throat has been a bit scratchy after choir practice and the last singing lessons, this week’s lesson was all about letting go. Sounds like a familiar theme, but our bodies are more than capable of telling us when

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What’s Blaine Singing – wk 42

After two less than stellar weeks, for different reasons, I feel I’m right on top of the world again 🙂 First I wrote a cracking sex scene this morning, one that I think is my best ever, and singing lesson

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What’s Blaine Singing – wk 38

I was planning on writing a little bit about the GLBTQ UK Fic Meet, but since it’s Wednesday, and therefore singing lesson day, I’ll postpone my meet post, and do a singing one first 🙂 So, anyway, my voice is

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