My Writing Projects Master list 2017

Master Project List 2017
last updated: 2017/01/21

Most of these projects are finished, though rough, first drafts, some of which I’ve been planning to edit for a long time, but keep postponing in the light of new projects. Now, I like new projects as much as any author, but I’m running the risk of creating a far too large list of first drafts when I really should be focussing on getting these publish/submission ready.

So, less writing new stories and more editing the old ones, though I’ll still write one block of 20 minutes every day, to keep adding new words as well. The writing project I’m working on right now is a short set in my TALES OF THE FOREST world, and to be more specific, in A TRIAD IN THREE ACT‘s village, called URUF’S GUIDE.

Words written in 2017

Words Written 2017
last updated: 2017/01/21
The program I use for my writing planning is OneNote. The titles are linked to the individual pages of the WIPs which are divided into folders.