WIP planning for 2017

I always admire fellow authors who post their writing plans online. Part of me fears the pressure, and the other part of me would rather hide in a private corner after failing to accomplish said planning.

I’m not saying I feel differently about that now. Believe me, I’ll still be in that corner, hiding, if I feel less than accomplished. But… I’d like to think that I’ve grown less fearful of planning itself. I’ve stopped seeing it as set in stone, but look at it more as a guideline to keep me on track when I’ve finished a project.

So, with that in mind, this is my WIP planning for 2017.
Master Project List 2017

Most of these projects are finished, though rough, first drafts, some of which I’ve been planning to edit for a long time, but keep postponing in the light of new projects. Now, I like new projects as much as any author, but I’m running the risk of creating a far too large list of first drafts when I really should be focussing on getting these publish/submission ready.

So, less writing new stories and more editing the old ones. It’s going to be a challenge to shelf any plotbunnies I may come across, but I’m very much looking forward to revisiting and polishing my little diamonds in the rough.

ETA: The program I use for my writing planning is OneNote.
The titles are linked to the individual pages of the WIPs which are divided into folders.

2 comments on “WIP planning for 2017
  1. Z. A. Tanis says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of things in the works. Impressive!

    I have a question: What project planning software are you using? It looks like it keeps things organized nicely.

    • Thanks, ZA 🙂

      To keep myself on track I’ll probably try and do a post at the end of every quarter, to see how well (or badly) I’m doing.

      The program is OneNote. The titles are linked to the individual pages of the WIPs, and those are all divided into several folders (I’ve added the photo, since I can’t put it in a comment).

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