Guest Blogs


  • October 26th 2015 – Getting stuck on labels interferes with character development at the RRW blog‘s
  • March 25th 2015 – #WorkspaceWednesday at Gordon‘s



  • November 2nd – my Writing Space at No Wasted Ink, talking about where I write and what I write with, and includes a picture of my office.
  • October 31st – my view on polyamory at The Lor Of Rose
  • August 10th – Welcome to my Worlds and how I build them at Chicks & Dicks
  • July 23rd-27th – Aliens, Smith and Jones Blogtour!
    • From the Desk of Connor Smith. Just what it says on the tin. Stuff found on Connor Smith’s desk at The Armchair Reader
    • Happily Forever After. Mortals pairing with Immortals. Can they ever have a HEA? Come and find the answer at Babes In Boyland
    • A day in the life of an A-team member. Ornella Amato, member of Primrose UK’s field team Alpha from Aliens, Smith and Jones, shows how hectic her work day can be at Pants Off Reviews
    • Build Your Own Alien. Grab a dice, build your own alien at Joyfully Jay
    • Blogged about Going long or short at Well Read — The difference between writing shorts and novels.
  • March 12th – Romance Lives Forever: talking about The Fifth Son and possessing no magic in a magical world.
  • March 7th – Beat Your Winter Blues @ S.A. Meade: Things to do in a Blizzard – and preparing for them.
  • January 18th – Clare London’s LJ: Keeping it close to my heart – comparing singing/performing to writing

  • December 22nd – Chicks & Dicks: Christmas Day Marathons – about the Arden family Christmas tradition of playing games


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