Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction GuaranteedSatisfaction Guaranteed
M/M | trans* | contemporary | fantasy | paranormal
143,000 words | ?? pages (pdf) | anthology
Published by Less Than Three Press
Cover by Aisha Akeju
Release date: September 24, 2014

Robillards by R.D. Hero, No Complaints by Diana Sheridan, Fair Weather for Airstrikes by Mina MacLeod, Heartbeat by Mell Eight, Deliver Me by J.D. Walker, A Bird in the Hand by Ils Greyhart, There is Light by Blaine D. Arden, Stableboy by Leona Carver, Flip Flops & Tennis Shoes by Bettina Kaipling, Single Vampire Seeks Consort by Cassandra Pierce, My Sexual Superhero by Talya Andor

Satisfaction Guaranteed



Nothing is more frustrating than getting screamed at, spilled on, and talked down to while doing a miserable job just to make ends meet. Less Than Three Press offers a collection of romantic shorts about the people who work the daily grind to keep the world turning, and toil away so others can have fun. Because everyone deserves a happy end, especially those who work so hard in the service of others.
Blurb of There is Light: fantasy
Marek Moss isn’t happy. His status as a drifter—someone whose magic is warped or fluctuating—hampers him in holding on to a boyfriend or finding a job he actually enjoys. Marek has tried quite a few jobs over the years, but none of them seemed to stick. The only reasons he stuck to being a lighter for the past six years is that the lights are pretty, he’s not working for his smothering family, and he gets to ogle Hennen Kovu from time to time.

Hennen is everything Marek is not. He’s elegant, confident, and damn good at his job, despite being blind. And Marek has a crush on him. A crush that turns into something more when he bumps into Hennen outside of work—trips over his cane—and is invited for a drink and a concert.

Hennen makes Marek see that he can change how people react to him, and that there might be a job he’d enjoy, after all. And if Marek can gather the courage to take that first step, he might even have a boyfriend to hold on to.

Excerpt of There is Light

Dark clouds hung silently above me as I stepped off the cart and tipped my hat to the driver. Money well wasted with no sign of rain yet. I could have walked. Of course, with my luck, I’d have been soaked to the bone had I taken the chance. I still could be, if I didn’t hurry up and start walking.

Despite the threat, I didn’t pick up the pace like the people around me. Instead, I trudged down the walkway and even stopped outside the baker’s to take in the smell of fresh bread before moving on to the light shop. Seemed like I’d have aniseed rolls for lunch today since my boss liked them as much as I did.

The first drops of rain fell as I entered the porch of the light shop, promising a dreary day ahead. But when wasn’t it? I hung my hat and cloak on the coat rack, and glanced into the mirror as I ran a hand through my flattened curls, causing them to stick up in all the wrong places. I left them be. It wasn’t as if the customers granted me any attention anyway.

A comfortable heat enveloped me in the work room. Walls lined with shelves against which eight desks stood, even though there were only six of us working here at the moment. I was the last one to arrive, it seemed.

I wished them all a bright morning, a little in-joke among us lighters, and smiled at Roni, my boss, who smiled warmly back at me as always. Ansa, seated at the desk between Roni’s and mine, didn’t even acknowledge me. I passed her without a word. The less I said to her, the better. Though, she’d no doubt have plenty to say to me, regardless of whether I opened my mouth or not. For now, though, she was silently working on charging mid-range bulbs. There were quite a number of those on her desk, which meant a reprieve from her harping for an hour or so.

Roni’s desk held some of the larger bulbs customers brought in to be recharged. Her eyes were closed as she rubbed one of them between her hands, until it slowly started glowing pink. I sank into my chair and sighed as I tried hard not to notice the absence of anything larger than pebbles on my own desk. If only I could charge a bulb like that. Just once would be enough. Maybe it would stop me from wanting it so badly.

I focused my attention on the two bowls that awaited me, the familiar velvet bag lying behind them. Hennen Kovu’s biweekly order of rechargeables. About half a bowl to go. Normally I’d finish them well before he was due, but with autumn coming in fast our schedule was packed, and I’d been close to tapping into my meagre reserves earlier every day. Still, I wouldn’t need more than half an hour, and he never came in before ten, anyway. If I timed it right, I might even catch a glimpse of him. What a stupid thought. With a shake of my head, I flexed my palms and stretched my arms, awakening my energy. As if I ever stood a chance with a man like Hennen Kovu. No one wanted a drifter like me.

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There is Light © 2014 Blaine D. Arden. All rights reserved

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