Tales of the Forest

The Tales of the Forest series started with a Solstice short called The Forester, and I thought that was that. But then Oren and Veld wanted their story told, The Forester turned into a trilogy, and my little forest world turned out to be much larger than I initially thought. More works are in the planning.

So many villages and tribes still to be discovered…

A Triad in Three Acts the forester Lost and Found Full Circle
A Triad in Three Acts
Tales of the Forest 0
The Complete Forester Trilogy
The Forester
Tales of the Forest 1
Forester Triad Act One
Lost and Found
Tales of the Forest 2
Forester Triad Act Two
Full Circle
Tales of the Forest 3
Forester Triad Act Three
Oren's Right
Oren’s Right
Tales of the Forest 4



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