Are there differences between the First and Second Editions of your books?

My Second Edition books—as re-released by Cayendi Press—have been re-edited and revised. While the essence of the stories remain the same, some details might have been added/changed/cleared up.

In the case of Oren’s Right, I saw the opportunity to add a scene I’d been thinking about for a while.

Do I need to buy the Second Edition when I’ve already bought the First?

No. All you need to do is email me at Cayendi Press with proof of purchase or winning the book in a giveaway—whether ebook or paperback—let me know your preferred e-format, and I’ll send you a free e-copy of the 2nd edition.

Some of your books are only available on Amazon. How can I get an epub or pdf version?

Same as above. Email me at Cayendi Press with proof of purchase, and I’ll send you your preferred format.

What is Cayendi Press?

Cayendi Press is my self-publishing imprint. Cayendi Press is meant for re-releases previously published books and all stories related to my Tales of the Forest Universe.

Why does Payhip need my address when buying through this site or through Payhip?:

Unfortunately many countries use different VAT rates for ebooks, and by asking for your address, Payhip can calculate the VAT for each country correctly.




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