NaNoWriMo 2017

It ended up being a bit messy, as usual, but I’m happy with what I wrote, even if it’ll need some thorough editing. Of course, I’m one of those weird authors who actually enjoy editing, so, that won’t be a problem. The actual problem will be scheduling it in between all those other first drafts in desperate need of editing. Prioritising manuscripts is not my strong point.

NaNoWriMo Overview 2005-2017

Master Project List 2017

So, this is it. This is what my 13 NaNoWriMo years look like at the end of NaNoWriMo 2017. November truly is the month where magic happens for me, where I’m able to just throw myself into writing with abandon and scrounge those words together. The better my flow, the faster I seem to write. And over the years–though it took some doing, believe me–I’ve stopped seeing 50K as a mountain to climb, found a rhythm that works for me, and found a balance.
Yet, the one thing I still need to learn is translate this one magical month into twelve of them, and keep that rhythm going, whether I’m writing or editing. So, that’s my next step 🙂

My Writing 2017

Unfortunately, some annoying muscle/tendon injuries threw my 2017 planning out the window,
but I’m determined to finish editing two novels before the end of this year:
Debris, a scifi novel about a space pilot meeting a bi-directional alien elf
Have Human, Will Travel (working title), another scifi novel about an accidental space traveller trying to keep a froglike alien species out of the hands of human mercenaries.
Both intended to be submitted to publishers.

The rest of the planning will be offline until the planning for 2018 is *cough* finalised *cough* (because that went so well this year).


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